Gun Control

A Major Issue in America Today


There are many debates on gun control such as keeping the 2nd Amendment the way its always been or modifying it in a way that people believe its taking away their right.

Gun control, What is it?

Gun control is the law or policies that regulates sale or use of firearms by civilians. in other words, its a natural right for U.S citizens to be able to own a gun. but many people believe that there should be major changes towards gun control. Others disagree and think that that we should just follow our 2nd Amendment for out protection.

Why is this issue controversal?

To start off, the 2nd Amendment states that a U.S citizen has the right to keep and bear arms and should not be "infringed". People believe that the democratic party is right for taking away the citizens weapons. Others believe that the Republican party is right and is trying to save the 2nd Amendment

What does Donald Trump plan to do about this issue?

Donald Trump made a vow to keep and protect the 2nd Amendment. He believes that "Gun free zones are perfect places for criminals".

What does Hillary Clinton plan to do about this issue?

Hillary Clinton plans to limit the 2nd Amendment by strict regulations. She believes that " all guns sales or transfers should be registered in a National registry".
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what do Republicans in Congress plan to do about this issue?

The Republicans plan to keep and protect the 2nd Amendment. They believe that any U.S citizen should be able to protect themselves against enemy forces.

What do the Democrats in Congress plan to do about this issue?

The Democrats plan to impose stricter regulations towards the 2nd Amendment. They want to ban all assault weapon sales to U.S citzens
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What do Presidential candidates Stein and Johnson say about this issue?

Johnson believes that " if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns. the only ones that will turn in their weapons is Law abiding citizens". Criminals will be left with them.

Stein believes that there should be more regulations towards gun control and more background checks on U.S citizens.

What organizations support your issue?

The Republican Party, The Heritage Foundation, the N.R.A, and Hillsdale College support the idea of keeping the 2nd Amendment the way it always has been.

What is your position on the issue? What should be done to fix this problem

I also agree with the republican party on keeping the 2nd Amendment the way it always was.
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