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Culture of France.

France has no standard religion, but includes major religions, such as: Catholic, Protestant, Hinduism, and Judaism, plus some less known religion, such as Russian Orthodoxy.

France's languages include its main, French and also Gallo-Romance languages.

Food is a big thing in France, and for le petit dejeuner(breakfast), they have: bread, croissants and butter, and coffee or tea.

France is considered to be the "birthplace of cinema".

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Points of Interest

Points of Interests in France that I would like to see would be: the Champs-Élysées, The Arc de Triomphe, The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, and the Theatre du Chatlet.

I want to visit these places because the architecture is beautiful.

The Point of Interest I would want to see most is the Eiffel Tower, because the Eiffel Tower is an Iron lattice tower, which it find cool looking. (Gustave Eiffel and his company began the construction in 1887.)


France is about 80% the size of Texas, is mostly plains and rolling hills, and its highest point is Mount Blanc, at 15,771 feet, along with its lowest point at the Rhone river, height of -6.5 feet. France's mountain ranges are the Pyrenees in the south, and the Alps in the north, making for a good hiking/skiing trip.

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Culture of Luxembourg

Citizens of Luxembourg are trilingual, meaning they speak three languages.

The languages found in Luxembourg are Luxembourgish, German, and French.

Little known outside of Luxembourg, but Luxembourg is a grand contributor to culture, in areas such as literature, music, art and photography.

Food is also very important to Luxembourg culture, including cheeses, pastries and wines, most foods in Luxembourg are greatly influenced by its French, German, and Italian neighbors, and also some Portuguese influence.

Sports are important to Luxembourg as well, which include football and cricket and some other sports.

Points of Interest- Luxembourg

Points of interest in Luxembourg aren't as varied as some other places in the world, but some points of interest in Luxembourg are a Grand Ducal Palace, Petrusse, Fort Thugen, gelle fra, the National History of History and Art, and Place d'Armes.

Geography of Luxembourg

Being one of the smallest countries in the world, Luxembourg is 998 sq. miles across,and its highest point is Kneiff, in troisvierges, and the lowest point is the confluence of the Sauer and Moselle rivers.