African American Parent & Educator Advisory Committee

Etiwanda School District

December 2020

A Newsletter for Families on AAPEAC News and Events

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Meet Your 2020-21 AAPEAC Officers

Stephanie Walton, Chairwoman

Hi Parents! I am honored to serve as your AAPEAC Chairwoman for the Etiwanda School District. I am a wife and mother of two daughters. My purpose for serving on this advisory board is to partner with district leaders to amplify our Black children’s achievements, support diversity in our classrooms, and ultimately close the learning gap. We need everyone’s input, ideas, and support to ensure that our district continues to exemplify the highest standards in educating our kids. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Myiesha Majors, Vice Chairwoman

Hello everyone! I'm grateful to be your AAPEAC Vice Chairwoman, for the Etiwanda School District. I am a wife and a mother of one son. As a mom, my goal has been to always be a part of my son's educational journey. I strive to be an engaged and involved parent. I am honored to partner with the district as well as our AAPEAC advisory committee to ensure our children have equitable opportunities within their education, experience diversity, growth, and achievement. We ask for your support and engagement to ensure our kids continue to receive the support our district strives for, in their education as well as achievement. Please feel free to reach out to me. Thank you!

Tawni Flot-Williams, Secretary

Hello! Being a part of Etiwanda’s AAPEAC has provided the perfect opportunity to advocate for my own children, and their peers who look like them, the way I have advocated for many students as a school counselor. It has been an amazing journey to take the knowledge, experience, and skills learned from my profession to ensure African American students in ESD receive an equitable and rigorous education. Our students deserve it and I am glad to be part of a team who believes the same. If you have any questions, I am here to help.


AAPEAC Book Fair Jan. 15 - Feb. 15, 2021

AAPEAC is excited to announce the sponsorship of an online Book Fair starting January 18, 2021 through February 19, 2021. This book fair will be hosted by the #1 Black Children and Adult Bookstore! - Ashay By The Bay, which has been online since 2002. They are focused on and committed to educating and empowering children through literacy. In doing so they provide the best selection of books that include "Positive Images" and represent "Black Culture". Profits from the AAPEAC Book Store will be used support AAPEAC activities and add children's books that promote positive stories about Black families and culture to our school libraries. Information on how to participate will be shared by your school AAPEAC Representative through your email contact information.

Resources for Families

Are you familiar with these Etiwanda School District resources to support your child's academic and mental health?

Free Tutoring through Paper

C.A.R.E.S. Counseling

The C.A.R.E.S. (Counseling and Advocacy for Relational & Emotional Support) program assists our students who are struggling academically due to social, emotional or mental barriers that may negatively impact learning. The focus of this program is to intervene early and provide clinical counseling to students and supports and services to families as needed. To access services, please contact your child's school office, principal or teacher for guidance on completing a referral.
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Next AAPEAC Meeting...

Wednesday, February 3, 2021 (Virtual)

Meeting agenda is available on the district website under the Family Tab "How Can I Get Involved" link, 72 hours prior to the meeting.


Questions? Please reach out to us.

AAPEAC Officers

Stephanie Walton, chairwoman, stephrus1@msn.com

Myiesha Majors, vice chairwoman, realtormyieshamajors@gmail.com

Tawni Flot-Williams, secretary, tawniflot@gmail.com

Etiwanda School District

Charlayne Sprague, assistant superintendent of instruction, charlayne_sprague@etiwanda.org

Damita Walton, director of pupil services, damita_walton@etiwanda.org

School Site AAPEAC Representative contact information is available through your school office or by calling the Instruction Department at (909) 803-3126.