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VOTE MARTHA WASHINGTON as the most valuable woman of the Revolutionary War!

Accomplishments in the War

  • Martha Washington was famous for wanting to fight with her husband, George Washington.

  • While men were shouting, “No bread, no soldiers!” at Valley Forge, Martha Washington showed up with supplies from Mount Vernon, George and Martha’s home. She set up a sewing circle including Kitty Greene and Lucy Knox.

  • She went to winter quarters every year along with George.

  • She would stay up late and wake early in order to provide hospitality for the wounded soldiers.

  • Took good care of George while he was fighting in the Revolutionary War for freedom from Britain.

Background Information

  • June 2, 1731- May 22, 1802

  • Full Name: Martha Dandridge Custis Washington

  • Born in New Kent County, Virginia to John and Frances Dandridge. Her father was a wealthy landowner in New England.

  • Her first husband, Daniel Parke Custis, was also very wealthy. They had 4 children, but 2 died in childhood. Daniel died on July 8, 1757 leaving Martha very rich and with an estate to run.

  • Managed her first husband's estate and Mount Vernon, George and Martha’s home, while George was away.

  • Martha later married George Washington who became the first president of the United States.

  • First lady: April 30, 1789- March 4, 1797
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