City of Bones

by Cassandra Clare

Sumary of story

Clary Fray, a normal 15 year old child is having a great time until she discovers that there are such things as vampires, werewolves, demons, and shadow hunters who are dedicated to ridding the earth of demons. When she finds out that she is also a shadow hunters, she and other shadowhunters go one a quest to recover the mortal cup. Clary and her shadow hunter friends manage to recover th cup ,but then it and Jace are stolen and abducted by Valentine who is also Clary's father. She then joins up with werewolves and tries to save Jace ,but figures out that Jace has been manipulated by Valentine who is actually jaces father too. When they finally fight with Valentine they nearly kill Valentine ,but he escapes with the mortal cup . Jace finally realize that Valentine was manipulaing him to believe thing that killing innocent downworlders was correct.

Shadow Hunters (protagonist)

Shadow Hunters are people who kill demons and preserve peace.

The Circle (antagonist)

This group was formed by Valentine and tried to destroy all non-shadow hunters and steal the mortal cup to try to make ordinary people shadow hunters.


This story takes place in modern day Manhattan.

Point of View

This story is told from Clary Fray's perspective which is first person.


I agree with the resolution because Valentine escapes with the Mortal Cup and tries to persuade Jace to come with him. I would change it by making Jace go with Valentine.