News From Mrs. C

Our class news for the week of April 22nd-26th

Tidbits From the Teacher

Hello Everyone!

This is the last week of STAAR testing on campus so please remember that we can have no visitors on campus Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of this week.

We'll be a on a somewhat normal schedule during these days. We will have indoor recess and eat lunch together in our classroom.

I will be out on Friday. Mrs. Marvin will be my sub. She's lovely!!

Things to Return/Remember:

-HW due Monday

-Orders for CARNIVAL punch cards

Dates to Remember

Apr. 22nd-25th: No visitors on campus due to STAAR testing

Apr. 26th: Mrs. C is gone today but it's Kona Ice day!

Apr. 27th: Round Rock Express Baseball Game

May 1st: Early Release day & last day to get carnival tickets early

May 3rd: Carnival 5-8 pm (Parent volunteers are needed!!)

May 7th: Volunteer Luncheon (come join us for lunch!)

What We'll Be Learning...

Math- We are finishing up our measurement unit this week. We'll look at capacity, weight and mass of objects. Our main objective is to use items that approximate units we would use to measure capacity or weight. In other words, a slice of bread is about an ounce. What can we find around the room that is about an ounce?

**What you can do at home: Help your child find the units of measurement on different items around the kitchen. How much milk will the jug hold? What is the amount of chips in the bag?

Science- We are switching gears and beginning our study of objects in the sky. We'll learn about how objects in the sky change at different times. We'll look at lunar cycles and

**What you can do at home: We are researching a beetle that was discovered on the playground. You can find out information about it! It's called Plinthocelium.

Writing- We are finishing up our persuasive writing unit this week. Most letters have come home and now students are trying to talk me into letting them move their desks into a whole group unit...

What you can do at home: When your child wants something, have them write you a persuasive letter. They should tell you reasons why they need the item and what they'll do in order to get it. Good luck!!!

Reading- We are revisiting a very old but important topic this week: main idea!! We'll be reading non-fiction passages and identifying topics, main ideas, and supporting ideas.

What you can do at home: When your child reads a non-fiction book or passage, ask him/her what the topic and main idea about the topic are. Ask them to tell you 3-4 supporting details that prove their main idea.

Spelling/Handwriting- Everyone is becoming more consistent in daily handwriting practice! We are changing our spelling work. We'll only be spending a week on a pattern from now on. This week we're looking at when to add -s or -es to words.

What you can do at home: If you notice your sweetie not gripping a writing tool correctly, gently tell them to "check your grip." I have other tricks if you need help with this. Just email me and let me know!

Spelling is also coming along. Students should really know what vowels and consonants are. They should be able to point out patterns studied in words read during reading times.

What you can do at home: Ask your child what spelling rules he/she is studying. Can he/she talk to you about the words being sorted?

Class Wish List

The class has requested:

-smelly stickers (Mardel and Lakeshore carry these.)

-We'll take gift cards in small amounts too! Those add up and can buy lots of things for us.

Let's Wear Our Class Shirts Every Friday!!