horned lizards

By Jeb

Where horned lizards live?

They live in the westron portions of the us.They live in holes in the ground like dens,brorrows.There holes are called hideouts so they can hide from enemies and there enemies are snakes,hawks and coyotes.

Do you know how long horned lizards live?

A horned lizards life spand is 6-8 years.The loggest liveing horned lizard that ever lived was 18 years old.That is really old!.Horned lizards that live in capivity will live longger beacuse they do not have enemies,land are fed often.

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Interesting facts!

Horned lizards shoot blood from thier eyes see.Did you know that a horned lizards family is called a Phrtnosomatidale.Did you also know that a horned lizards kingdom is called amimalia.A animal kingdom is evey animale in the world,so that means a mamle,reptile,anfibon,brids ,humands and incexs.

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Do horned lizards eat books?

No they do not.They eat ants,crickets,grasshoppers,beetles,worms and last but not least flies.Did you also know how horned lizards hunt for food? They are blend in with the the sand and leaves and they swoley sneek up on them and cach them and eat them. If you have a horned lizard or not you would know what to feed them ant ,crickets, grasshorppers,beetes, wormes and flies.

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