The Researcher

General Overview

Your job is to research various sites to locate primary documents, such as:

  • court transcripts
  • letters
  • actual newspaper articles
  • etc.

As well as secondary sources that have been written in the centuries after this tragedy that have tried to scientifically explain its fruition of terror.

You will access several resources databases for your group members and will be responsible for the creation of the annotated citation page for each source your group uses, including images.

At least two print sources must be included.

Helpful Links

Be sure to check out these helpful links when it comes time to completing your assignments. These buttons will take to you websites that will assist you in source annotation as well as general citation.

Don't pass these valuable resources up!

Annotating a Source

Annotating is very important - you'll want this for the future!

Citing a Source

Just select the type of source you're using and plug in the information it asks for - it couldn't be easier!