Help Rid The World Of ZOMBIES

Level Up, Battle Others And Save The World

Help Save Energy

Everything you do will help save energy (turning off electronics, recycling, e.t.c.) and by doing this you will get xp.


When playing this game you will try to get 100% of your zombies turned back into humans in one week (you can do this with xp). You will not have a set number of zombies but will have a percentage meter (that we will keep up with) and you have to get it as full as you can. You can also get xp for every 20% of student that turn in a pledge card saying that they will save energy by turning off electronics and recycling.

Q & A

Q: What is xp for?
A: Xp is like money, every 15 Xp you heal 10% of students

Q: What is this for?
A: Like we said before, this is a fun, competitive way to save energy.

Q: How will we know how much xp we have?
A: We will have a chart that we will keep and at the end of the week you tell us how much you have gotten then.

How to get Xp

  1. Every 20% of students that turn in pledge card - 15 Xp
  2. Buy a plant - 100 Xp
  3. Full recycle bin - 20 Xp
  4. 1/2 full recycle - 10 Xp
  5. lights off in class room - 10 Xp Daily
  6. computer off - 5 Xp Daily