"The Canterbury Tales"

A New Pilgrimage

The Call to Adventure

Take players on an exciting adventure. Design and create a game based on the pilgrims in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

* Questions should require players to do the following:

1. recall events and character details from the tales to set a course for your adventure.

2. identify the social class, character traits, and reason for embarking on the journey for each pilgrim

3. connect elements in your adventure with those in The Canterbury Tales. (ex. This event parallels which event in The Canterbury Tales?)

4. make decisions on what action to take to advance through your quest. (ex. You

are faced with _______. What do you do?)

The Road to Canterbury

The game may be physical - ex. board game or a game that takes players on a "journey" from place to place/event to event, based on their ability to answer questions (post questions, around campus, use QR codes?) or virtual - ex. perform and record scenes from your adventure, and embed questions, that allow players to advance through the quest, into your video. The Quest can be an image (still pictures on a storyboard) or text based as well. Check out interactive video/storytelling/storyboard sites such as Cram.com, Inkle, Storyboard That, etc.

Here Are A Few Questions To Ponder As You Design Your Game

What is the ultimate objective of the game?

How is a winner determined?

Is there a prize for the winner, if so, what is the prize?

What happens when a question is answered correctly (advancement in the journey, steal another pilgrim's character traits or social status, acquire special skills, etc.)?

What are some possible consequences for missing a question (injury, death, start over, etc.)?

Does someone from your group need to act as a guide or facilitator for others playing the game (take them through your adventure, ask questions, etc.)?