History and Facts behind Confucianism


Confucianism is based on teachings of chinese philosopher Confucious. Confucianism, like Buddhism, is about following teachings rather than worshiping a deity. The teachings suppose that all humans are essentially good and this goodness must be practiced toward fellow humans. Politeness, virtue, righteousness, propiety and moral wisdom are essential components of a good person. Elders and ancestors are to be held in reverence as they give life to their children. Education and learning are also highly regarded. The religious category is tribal and tradition because they believe in certain things. There is NO GOD in this religion. The main concept of this religion is humaneness....the way two humans interact.

Brief History

When Confucious was younger his father died. He had a poor family but studied hard. As he grew up he decided to become a minister. At this point of time he was disappointed with his king. Confucious started to teach humaneness and rituals but in reality focused on fostering followers. After his death students put all of his teachings in a book called "Analects of Confucious".


* Confucious married at the age of 19 and worked as a farmhand/book-keeper clerk.

*Although Confucius traveled all over China teaching many people, he thought of himself as a failure

*Confucious died is believed to have died in 479 BC. He was buried in a axe shaped tomb upon the banks of the river Sishui.

*Confucious's family line is the oldest one today. Coming at 2 million registered male and female relatives. About 3 million relatives are believed to exist!


Common questions answered

Confucianism is one of the most wide spread practiced religion around the Globe. Confucianism is located in Eastern Asia. It is practiced in China, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, and the Chinese and Vietnamese disaporas. Currently there are a staggering amount of 6,300,000 followers of Confucianism. This practice ranks 16 of the 17 religions. Confucianism is growing due to the open practices of the religion. The still growing largest religions are Christianity,Islam, Hinduism, and Agnosticism.

Confucius emphasized several basic ideas. The most important one is ren. It is made up of the Chinese characters meaning "man" and "two," showing the connection of humans to one another. Ren is what makes a person human and life worth living. It can be translated as "humaneness" or "goodness." The goal of everyone should be to achieve ren. Confucius calls a person who achieves ren a "superior person," "ideal person," or "sage." To become a superior person, a person must do the right things. By his thoughts and actions he sparked a new religion that was very intriguing to many people. The idea of it all fascinated the people to give a look into the teachings of Confucianism.

To become confucian you have to follow these steps..

1. Accept that all people are teachable and improvable.

2. Do not chastise people for you mistakes, chastise yourself.

3. Dedicate yourself to attaining perfection and freedom from ignorance

4. Be polite,Love your family,practice righteousness,and be honest

5. Be benevolent and humane towards others, Be loyal to the state,Embrace Meritocracy.

6. Embrace other religions, Embrace learning and worship.

Confucius & Confucianism

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They celebrate Confucious,their first teacher, on September 28 for his birthday.
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Death is the completion of a life cycle. Death is viewed as departing the soul from the body. It is believed when a person dies he/she changes his/hers living place from Yin to Yang