Legend's Of Basketball The Debate

Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James,And Mount Rushmore

For Years

There's be a huge debate on who's the greatest basketball player or who's been close to being as good as Jordan

Who's really the best

In my opinion Kobe Bryant is a better player than Lebron James it may not be at this moment but career wise he's better, his passion for the game, his determination to win if i was a to explain Kobe in a few words I would say he's just a winner. Now being better than Jordan not at this moment Jordan without an doubt is the best person to play the game his scoring was amazing and his talent was unseen of no one has been better than him but if Kobe get's his 6th ring that would solidify him as being better or the only person to come near to be better than Jordan and i'm rooting for him to get his 6th.
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NBA'S Mount Rushmore

Lately there's been talk of the NBA's Mount Rushmore which is the four best players to play the game which is impossible to do without leaving somebody out because there's so much talent and creativity. Lebron said his NBA Mount Rushmore consist of Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, And Oscar Robinson and when his career is over he's gonna be up there.

My NBA Mount Rushmore would consist of Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, And Bill Russell, there isn't enough room there needs to be another mountain

Bill Russell

Bill Russell had a great response to all the Mount Rushmore talk
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