hAppy Wednesday!



I have mentioned Kahoot before on my blog, but Kahoot has added some improved features, and it is one of my favorite classroom resources! My students ask me everyday "Is today a Kahoot Day?".

Kahoot is a game based student response system. Students can use any device that has an internet connection. Teachers can create their own games, or use others that have already been created.


New Feature

You can now copy and modify Kahoot games others have created. This means it is really easy to share games with other teachers. It is also possible to make changes to existing Kahoot games to better fit your classroom needs!

Tips and Ideas on How to Use Kahoot

  • when using kahoot on a device, add kahoot to the home screen for quicker access
  • use for test review
  • vocabulary practice
  • Make a "Get to Know You" kahoot. I have my students give my facts about themselves, I then create a kahoot game using the fact. This is a fun way for your students and teachers to get to know each other
  • I play just for fun kahoots as rewards. (the icon, and logo games are my student's favorites)
  • class surveys and polls
  • fun games for a faculty meeting
  • have students share devices and form groups, if you don't have enough devices for everyone
  • Check out the Kahoot Blog for more opinions, tutorials and ideas