Granny Torrelli Makes soup

By:Award winning author Sharon Creech

Written by Sharon Creech

Published by Harper Collins Childrens Books, 2003

ISBN: 0060292903

Genre: Realistic Fiction


Sharon Creech is my favorite author of all time. What I love about her books are the story lines. The story lines are usually short and good. I have read three Sharon Creech books already and this book makes me think bad of Sharon Creech books. The story line on the book is all over the place. At the end I am left asking myself what the story was supposed to be about.

There are so many problems in this book that I can not explain, but lets reach into the context. One thing that bugged me about this book was that its all about a girl being mad at her friend and in the end the situation gets magically resolved. Another thing is that this book ended on what i call a happily ever after, and I have never known Sharon Creech books to be like that. I was not satisfied with what I had read and i do not think Sharon Creech wrote this book. In conclusion, this book was all over the place and was not fun to read. I would never read Sharon Creech books again if this was the first book by her that I read.

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