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What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is redness that typically occurs on the face, cheeks, neck, and scalp. Typically it comes in flare ups that come and go and over time the redness becomes more prominent and blood vessels may become visible.

Cause of Rosacea

It is unknown what exactly causes rosacea, but there are some known things that can trigger flare ups. Including spicy food, alcohol, temperature extremes, sunlight, stress, exercise, and saunas.


Individual aspects of the disorder can be treated by a dermatologist. The bumps/ pimples often experienced with rosacea are often treated with oral and topical medications. There are also topical remedies that are meant to reduce redness in the face when applied regularly. In severe cases lasers pulse light onto the affected area to remove visible blood vessels and reduce redness.


Medically, rosacea is a relatively harmless condition. But sufferers of rosacea often times suffer from embarrassment and psychological conditions associated with continues embarrassment and self consciousness.

Life Impacts of Having Rosacea

People who suffer from rosacea tend to focus on avoiding anything that could possibly trigger it from flaring up further. Meaning that they often times need to avoid extensive sun exposure and over heating. They also need to maintain a gentle skin care routine, keep sunscreen on at all times, and some choose to use cosmetics to conceal the redness.

For More Information

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