The big guy in the red suit.

Story of Santa.

Where did he come from anyways?

Saint Nicholas, who's name was changed over the years to Santa Clause, was a real person. HE was a bishop in the church in the fourth century. Saint Nicholas was born in Patara and moved to Myra later where he was elected bishop.

F U N. F A C T S

  • Santa was born in 270 A.D That means he is over 1,000 years old, its the Christmas Spirit that keeps him alive
  • He has actually 2 days to deliver presents because its night on one side of the world and day on the other side, that's how he gets it all done.
  • Santa visits over 90 million houses on Christmas Eve, his sleigh goes faster than the speed of light.
  • Even though Rudolph was made fun of for his shiny red nose, he leads the pack.

How many names does he have anyways?

  1. Santa Claus
  2. Kris Kringle
  3. St. Nick
All of these were originally different people, but when brought over to the U.S they all kinda mashed together to create the " Santa" we know today.
A Brief History of Santa
Fred Astaire - Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town

Why does Santa wear red?

Believe it or not, present-day Santa owes his red robe not to an ancient legend or to an early myth but to the Coca Cola Company.

A long time ago Father Christmas was shown in clothes of different colors: green, purple, light-blue, navy blue, brown or red. Some illustrations even depict him as a multicolor figure wearing blue trousers, a yellow waistcoat and a red jacket. In some cases he even wore brown, black or white furs.

Everything changed around 1930. Coca-Cola decided to use the image of Santa Claus in its winter advertising campaign and took on an American artist called Haddon Sundblom. Sundblom chose the official Coca Cola colors -red and white- and designed a loose tunic fastened by a tight black belt. When Sundblom’s campaign was over, Santa's image in a red robe had become popular all over the world.