The Arctic Biome

by Anna

What is it like there?


The arctic biome has only 2 seasons( winter and spring!) And the arctic is really a destert! The reason why because it does not get much rain.


In the winter the Arctic has a white cold icy landscape. But in the spring the icy cold ground becomes a grassy flowery ground! But there is still a little more ice.

Where are they located?

Where in the world?

The animals and plants we are looking at are at the arctic tundra because we are learning about it. It is a pretty cool place. Get it? To get there you will have to go north which is at the top of the world or south to antarctica which is below the world.


How do plants survive?

Well... plants that don't live in the water stay close to the ground to stay away from the harsh and cold winds. And plankton use sun light to get their food! And have you ever wonderd what lichens where made out of? ALGAE AND FUNGI!

Animal Life

How do animals survive?

Animals like seals have blubber. That helps them swim in the water with out freezing to death! And the way polar bears can survive is that they have big claws that hunts their pray and kills them for food! Not because its trying to be mean it's that they need food to survive.

Food Chains