By: Antwayn Campbell

What is Biomass

Biomass is organic matter derived from living, or recently living organisms. Biomass can be used as a source of energy and it most often refers to plants.

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How it works

The fired power plant produces electricity and heat by burning biomass in a boiler. Hot water boilers and steam boilers are the most common.Wood chip residues and other types of biomass are used in the boilers in the same way as coal and natural gas and oil.

How expensive it is

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How expensive it is

Biomass is inexpensive compared to coal and oil. They cost about 1/3 less than fossil fuels. Which is very cheap. In some places it might cost more. But in most areas it is cheap.
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Pros And Cons

  • pro~ Many biomass fuels generate low levels of pollutants as sulphur dioxide and co2.
  • Pro~Establishing local production networks and usage lowers the financial and environmental transport cost.
  • Cons~ Need a lot of space
  • Cons~ High levels of water use for biomass cropping which can be bad in areas where water is limited
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Is Biomass used in Maryaland

Yes it is used in maryland. It is a renewable source and we use it in fire places and boilers and etc.