Crawlers class

feb 9

Hi Parents,

We had an interesting week last week. Everyone was adjusting to being back after our snow week! It was almost like Christmas break again. We are enjoying the big room though. You can see in the pictures how they like to take turns in the rocking chair and play with the other new toys. We are also vacuuming after many lunches as we like to eat and throw all the new foods that we are learning to eat. I didn't say that did I ?! The teachers don't mind vacuuming, but a couple of the babies don't really care for the noise. We do have one helper though, who grins from ear to ear and chases the vacuum, or helps push it if he can.

This week we will celebrate Valentines Day. We will be playing with pink things and playing with some heart toys. Sugar cookies will be served on Wednesday, and you may send in cards if you like. Definitely don't feel obligated though. There will be plenty of years ahead for your little ones to bring cards for each other.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Love and prayers, Lori