Lenni Lenape

Times Of The Lenni Lenape

The Lenni Lenape have been in the United States from the almost beginning. The first time people made contact was 1524.They signed a peace treaty with William Penn in 1653. Later in 1737 he tricked them out of 1200 acres of their land. "In 1600 the Delaware may have numbered as many as 20,000, but several wars and at least 14 separate epidemics reduced their population to around 4,000 by 1700 - the worst drops occurring between 1655 and 1670. By 1845 it had fallen to combined total of about 2,000 Delaware and Munsee in both the United States and Canada. The current Delaware population has recovered to almost 16,000. By 1900 they had lived in: Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Ontario, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

The adventures of Lenni Lenape


These Indians moved all over the place in the north and south, and even in another country. They traveled to Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Texas, New York, Canada, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Ohio.1 The reason these Indians moved all over the north and south is because, they would get attacked by other tribes, forced to migrate to other places. This all started in Delaware though, when they were at the Delaware River. They were attacked by Iroquois, and were forced to move to Ohio.1


Who is What

Another name for the Lenni Lenape Indians is the Delaware Indians. They were given this name because they lived near the Delaware River. They took part in the American Revolution, and sided with the French in the French and Indian war, and the British in the Pontiac’s Rebellion. There were usually around 100 people in a Lenni Lenape village. The men hunted for animals such as deer, beaver, and outer for clothing and food. They spoke a language called Unami which was the tribal language, but now almost all of them speak English. The hunters in the tribe used bows and arrows to hunt. They also made war clubs and carried body length shields.1