Element information

Atomic Mass: 75.314
Symbol: Jb
Discoverer: A couple by the surname of Huang discovered this element in the Methodist hospital in Richardson, Texas
Occurrence: Highly concentrated in element when found in a cold pool in the morning. Extremely low concentration when found after school lying on the couch at home.

Physical Properties

Surface Properties: Seems to be ready for anything in appearance. Can handle stress very well.
Boils when: Comes in contact with a person acting up thinking that they are the "whole package."
Melts if: There is a wifi connection.
Can cause people around to be in a happy, good mood.
Can be found in:
Happiness when there is little to no homework from school.
Sadness when there is a lot of things to be done in one day.
Energetic after listening to some beats.
Upset when people around are being in a bad attitude.
Becomes extremely stubborn when forced to do something against its will.

Chemical Properties

Is repelled by: Cats
Is Attracted to: Food
May explode spontaneously when: Given big assignment/project with only 1-2 weeks to complete
Requires copious amounts of: Sleep time
Is inert if : Not given enough time to sleep
Will repel: People with bad attitudes
Is impervious to: Siblings