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Grades K - 2

-Learn iPad apps that can let students verbally review books

-Help students us voice text so they can "type" what they want into a Google Document or search using the "Google Omnibox"

-Create a digital portfolio where students can record their voices, video, share pictures and that can be shared with parents and guardians

-Use apps for calendars, shapes, colors

-Quickly assess progress using formative assessment apps on your phone or chromebook

-Create sorting games using smart notebook to help with learning vowels, opposites etc....

-Engage in genius hour to encourage students to be self-motivated learners.

-Make Tall Tales and Fairy Tales come to life

-Work on additional and subtraction of ones and tens with Google Slides

-Have student record their understanding so you know where they really are in terms of learning and where the gaps are

-Add a tech component to centers

Grades 3 - 4

-Introduction to Chromebooks and Chrome Apps

-Good internet research

-How to organize Google Drive

-Create a "Google Portfolio" that will follow them until they graduate

-Have students plan a vacation to a country being studied in class using resources on the internet & present it to your class in a video or powerpoint

-Visit anywhere in the world

-Give a spelling test that can be graded in seconds

Middle School

-Create Hyperdocs so students have all the information and handouts for one unit all in one place

-Use Socrative to quickly assess whether to move forward or do supplemental lessons

-Use SMART Notebook games to engage the classes in any subject

-Develop a passion project for students to work on throughout the year

-Keep track of assignments turned in with Google Classroom

-Create a Google Portfolio for students to store their learning

High School

-Help students organize Google Drive; encourage students to retain papers to create a digital portfolio of their work

-Use Google Classroom to link YouTube Videos to supplement what you taught in class

-Use apps like Explain Everything to create a "flipped" learning environment

-Require students to listen to a podcast (we can help with suggestions) or create their can be fiction or non fiction

-Use Google Maps to explore where historical events took place; if you have a SmartBoard you can use Notebook 16 to highlight and zoom on those places while you are teaching

-Screen cast a lecture so that you can "flip" your classroom

-Have students work on a 20Time project modeled after Google's 20% Time

-Use Plickers, Socrative, or even Google Forms to take quick formative assessments throughout your teaching {we can even help you create this stuff if you don't have time!!}