Scientific revolution

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What was the change?

Scientific change was one of the world most important change in my opinion. Because the changes effect many thing in our century. well, scientific change effect how people think about the world , churches and believes in religions. basically everything about universe changed.

Scientific Revolution


English physicist and mathematician , and he was most important and influential scientist of all time. His works showed how universal forced gravity and all objects and all parts in universe applied. Without newton , we will not know how things fall , and we will not know how airplane can play , or all technology will not be in improvements,. or how car moves.

The extremely eccentric Isaac Newton invents the Calculus and publishes the Principia
how the scientific revolution effects the future

How did the change impact society at the time.?

At the time , Society was really confusing. They are not sure weather they should believe in what people say and prove it or the bible. Its confussing in a way but also because of all the intellenges people , their currency grew , it changes believes declin religious and they are more focus on science.everything is rational.

Turning Points in History - Scientific Revolution

How is that change in today's modern ?

Well , if you look around you can tell already ... no one is going to say Earth is the center of everything and all the other planet revolve around the earth even sun. no , no one will say that because thanks to Copernicus and the one who proves it Galileo. Not only that , Thanks to newton , we now know all things fall from -9.8 mile per second and all his law he created that improve for our NASA. people know how to measure and everything. and finally , Thanks to Kepler we know how to calculate different denominational .Because all the great genius people, all their hard works.. it all pay off . our earth is really in high knowledge.