Keeping up with Keller

By: Marcie Dryden, Principal

September 9th, 2015

Mission Statement

The mission of Helen Keller Elementary School is to establish and maintain an educational community that empowers all students to become principled, independent inquirers who are socially responsible global citizens.

Welcome Back!

Dear Keller Parents/Guardians,

I hope you had a great summer and this finds you and your family in good spirits. Although I enjoyed my summer, I have missed the wonderful Keller students and families. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you back to a new school year.

Staff Changes

Secretary: Mrs. Kaiser

Media Specialist: Mrs. Simmons

Kindergarten: McLeod (moved from 2nd grade)

2nd Grade: Ms. Leestma (moved from kindergarten)

2nd Grade: Mrs. Steele

3rd Grade: Mr. Barker

4th Grade: Mr. Davis (moved from 2nd grade)

4th Grade: Mrs. Kaminiski

Level 3 Support: Ms. Wilt and Ms. Johnson

Parking Lot

We are looking for volunteers to help in the parking lot and drop-off/pick-up areas. Please let the secretary know if you are interested and she will add your name to the list. Please let her know the days of the week and times you are available. With volunteers we will be able to alleviate some congestion.

We are asking that everyone follow the drop-off/pick-up instructions this year. With all day Kindergarten and new students we will have approximately 440 students entering and exiting the building each day.

Children must be supervised by a parent/guardian before or after school. Children cannot be on the playground without a parent or guardian before or after school. In addition, we ask that parents closely monitor their children at drop-off and pick-up. Please review with them the following guidelines:

*Walk and do not run on the sidewalks. It is congested and we want to make sure everyone is safe.

*Stay with your parent or guardian.

*If a parent or guardian is not at pick –up come to the office. The secretary will help find any “lost” parents.

*Please stay out of the garden area. We have plenty of sidewalks and grassy areas.

*Keep snow, dirt, rocks, and wood chips on the ground. (I cannot believe I am thinking about snow with 98 degree weather outside)

*Respect others and keep hands to self.

Thank you in advance for reviewing and following the guidelines.



It is requested that all adults who are arriving and departing from the school be particularly cautious and mindful of the children and adult pedestrians in the school vicinity at all times. The safety of our entire school community depends upon the care and concern of all of us.

Please follow these safety precautions in the parking lot:

*Park in a handicap parking spot only if you have a valid and visible permit

*Please refrain from cell phone calls and texting while driving.

*Drop-off area – there is one lane of drop-off and pick-up only.

*Pull all the way forward to the end of the lane before dropping or picking up children.

*Students should enter and exit on the curb side of the vehicle only.

*Do not exit your vehicle, thus parking in the drop-off and pick-up only lane, even if it is to run to the door or drop off a project. If you must exit your vehicle you need to park in a parking spot.

*Adults and students should remain on sidewalks and cross at crosswalks only. It is difficult to see children in the parking lot between vehicles.

The New Gym

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Student Handbook and School Information

Please make sure you keep this as a reference. Also available in the packet are volunteer forms and Homework Club forms (DUE 9/4/15) for semester 1.

Q & A

Q & A

1. How do I find out about Boy Scouts?

Pack event is on the evening of September 23

2. Do I need to fill out a volunteer form every year?

No. You can be asked to complete a new one but usually they are good for all six years. You will need a new one at ROMS.

3. My email address changed and I need to change it. How do I do this?

Go into the Parent Portal and change it.

4.. I have a question or concern about the classroom. Who do I speak to?

It is best to go directly to the source. Please address concerns or questions with the teacher. If they are not resolved/answered please let me know.

6. How are birthdays celebrated?

Consistent with health and wellness goals, and cognizant of various student and staff allergies, Royal Oak elementary schools recognize student birthdays with non-food based celebrations. We do recognize birthdays as special days and will recognize a child’s birthday with individual recognition by the classroom teacher. Each teacher will inform you of the specific classroom birthday recognition practice. The students will also have their name announced on the morning announcements, receive a birthday pencil and sticker from the office and attend a monthly birthday celebration with the Principal. Please do NOT send food or beverages as birthday treats.


Positive Behavior Intervention System

Essential Agreements

*We are respectful

*We are safe and in control

*We are responsible learners

Keller Creed

I will act in such a way that I will be proud of myself and others will be proud of me too.

I came to school to learn and I will learn.

I will have a good day.

Learner Profile Highlights

Don’t forget that the highlighted monthly learner profile and weekly behavior focus is on the Google calendar (every Sunday).

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