Aristotle How His invention of

Ethos Pathos Logos

Question 1. *What is your Aristotle famous for?

The invention of Ethos Pathos and logos

He was very Good at lots of subjects

He was enrolled at Plato.

He remembered lots of Plato's story's witch helped him Create ETHOS PATOS AND LOGOS'ES MEANINGS

Question 2.*How did Aristotles invention/discovery's come about?

It is unknown how his creations came about I believe it would of been through Plato.

Question 3. *How does or in what ways does it benefit society today Ethos Pathos and Logos?

That we now know what These words mean even though it is Latin.

It is the technical way of expressing your feelings meaning.

What you need to remeber

I have only focused on Aristotle's Invention of Ethos Pathos Logos.

He was also the founder of Science and other aspects of life.