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  • MAC Cosmetics, stylized as M·A·C, is a cosmetics manufacturer founded in Toronto and now headquartered in New York City and part of the Estée Lauder Companies

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m-a-c was established in toronto when make up artist and photorgapher frank toskan and beauty salon owner frank angelo brainstormed a makeup line. their aim was to develop a studio line make up line that would fulfill their professional needs m-a-c was home grown in canada literally. they cooked up the cosmetics in their kitchen and sold them from the hair salon. popularity grew in march 1984 the duo offcally launched the line from a single counter in a department store in toronto

1. M.A.C. was founded when a makeup artist and a photographer became frustrated by how bad most makeup seemed to read in photos


  1. how much do it cost?
  2. What all kind of makeup they have?
  3. What color lip stick do they ?
  1. the price can be $20 to up to $50 dollars maybe even more
  2. they have all kind of make up but this is just a few they have mac lip stick, eye shadow, foundation,also got brushes
  3. lip stick just to name a few
  4. hang up
  5. chatter box
  6. lady bug
  7. shy girl
  8. speed dial


2. One of M.A.C.'s first big breaks occurred when Madonna wore its lipstick

3. RuPaul was the first Viva Glam spokesperson in 1994.

4. Since its inception in 1994, M.A.C.'s Viva Glam campaign has raised $380 million.

5. M.A.C. sells more lipstick than any other non-drugstore brand.

6. Most of the makeup Natalie Portman's character in Black Swan wore was M.A.C

7. Makeup artists can sign up for a special program with the company to get 40 percent off M.A.C. products.

8. One man is largely responsible for creating all of the colors and concepts for the brand.

#In 1998, Estée Lauder bought M.A.C., and then in 1999, a man named James Gager became the company's creative director


MAC standing for Make-up Art Cosmetics) was founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo in 1984 with the assistance of chemist Vic Casale. The first U.S MAC store opened in 1991, in New York.
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The company Estée Lauder took control of 51% of shares of MAC Cosmetics in 1994 the two founders retained creative control, while Estée Lauder managed the business end. The brand opened their first store in France in 1992 in the Latin Quarter. One of the company founders, Frank Angelo, died of cardiac arrest during surgery in 1997 at the age of 49.

At that time, MAC had a revenue of US $250 million, which doubled ten years later. Estée Lauder Inc. completed the acquisition in 1998, and Frank Toskan decided to sell his remaining shares shortly thereafter; he left the company he founded at the end of the same year, 1998.

Today, MAC Cosmetics is one of the top three global makeup brands, with an annual turnover of over $1 billion, and 500 independent stores, with over thirty stores in France. All stores are run by professional makeup artists

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The M·A·C AIDS Fund was established in 1994 to support men, women, and children affected by HIV/AIDS globally by addressing the link between poverty and HIV/AIDS. It has raised over $400 million through the sale of M·A·C's Viva Glam Lipsticks and Lipglosses, donating 100% of the sale price to fight HIV/AIDS. Since the release of the Viva Glam product line, MAC Cosmetics has released six Viva Glam lip shades; The first, Viva Glam I lipstick shade has a matte, intense brownish blue-red; Viva Glam II is a pink-beige shade with shimmer in a satin finish. Viva Glam III is a muted brownish-plum with a matte finish; Viva Glam IV is a mid-tone rose with gold pearl in a frost finish; Viva Glam V has a lustre finish in a neutral pink and pearl shade.

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