Drug Awareness

It helps to know!

One Little Bite...

One little bite won't hurt...no one will know...its ok, nothing bad will happen. Those are some of the things that people who try to get you to take drugs will say, but we know that it's bad for your body to take drugs, right? Then why do people take drugs? This s'more was created to inform you about what types of drugs are there, why people take drugs, problems they cause, and how to keep you away from drugs.

Types of Drugs

In the topic of drugs there are typically 2 main subtopics, Legal and Illegal drugs. In the topic of Legal drugs you have "over the counter" and "prescription". Over the counter is something that is like Advil, or Tylenol, you can get them without a note from the doctor. Prescription drugs are something that doctors prescribe to you, they give you a note, which you give to the pharmacist, who gives you the drugs or medicine. But this flyer is focused on letting you know about the Illegal drugs, the pictures below tell you about the 3 types that harm your body.

Why do people take drugs?

Did you know that the #1 reason that people take drugs is boredom? It's shocking, people have nothing to do, so they try drugs. After that you have curiosity, where the person wants to know what it feels like to take drugs. Peer pressure or the need to fit into a group. Also depression or stress, when they are trying to cope with their problems by using drugs. Underneath are some of the provlems they cause.

What problems do drugs cause?

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the fact or condition of not being able to stop taking a particular substance

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an experience involving the apparent perception of something that is not there.

How to stop you from taking drugs!

Drugs are bad things and we don't want to get into groups who take drugs, so here's a few ways to get out of groups who do!
We want people to keep safe and be happy without the use of drugs, below are some things you can use! Keep safe!