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Tomorrow's Footsteps

Poem:Tomorrow's Footsteps

Walking, walking, keep walking along,
Walking, walking, been walking so long

Footsteps forced back on the sorrow road
Chains dragging the dust a heavy load
Bloody marks on tomorrow's road

Walking, walking, keep walking along ...

Master caught a runaway
Tomorrow my son rise another day
Rise up my brothers free today

How do they hold the line so long?
How do they hold the line so strong?

With Denmark Vesey the line is long.
With Harriet Tubman walking along.
With John Brown's body marching along.
With Frederick Douglass the line holds strong.

Footsteps joining from everywhere,
Heading for Justice and getting there!

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Key Words

Caught a runaway and sorrow road stand out the most to me.They stand out the most to me and it represents my picture because in those days if the slave ever ran away then the master would punish them or even kill them. That's why those words stuck out the most to me.


The two lines that seem the most important would be line 7 and 17.I think that line 7 is important because it represents how when a slave is caught when he/she ran away then they would get very punished or killed.I also think that line 17 is important because it represents when the slaves fought back and got away.

Poetic devices

A poetic device used for this poem would be alliteration.I think that it is alliteration because at the end of every line it sounds the same.


My image,key words,and quotations all have something in common.That thing that they all have in common would be that they all focus on one part of the poem and that part is line 7 where it says "Master caught a runaway" that means when a master aught a run away then the slave would get punished or killed.