"I have A Dream"

B.T.N Report

Martin Luther King

His speech changed a nation and many more...It is one of the most famous speeches in history...This famous speech was delivered 50 years ago. This speech was said by Martin Luther King. He was born in 1929 and planned to follow in his dads footsteps and become a minister, but went down a slightly different track.

The Speech of the Century

There were many simple rights that people with darker skin didn't have. Like, people with darker skin could not sit in the front of busses and lots of other basic rights. That all changed when Martin Luther King delivered what is known to be the best speech ever said in HISTORY! Though, it wasn't just the speech that he did, trying his hardest to earn the most basic rights. He led protests, police had to use fire hoses and trained dogs to stop the protsetors.

He Did A Great Thing

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Martin did his speech next to the lincoln memorial