Highly effective students

By: Cristal .D.

top 5 student habits.

1)Attend Class - If you miss or skip class how will you pass your classes?

2)Ask Questions- If you don't ask questions how will you learn?

3)Catch Some Zzz’s - Get sleep because you wont be able to concentrate correctly.

4)Is There a Better Way to Study? - Some people don't learn the same way as others.


When i get out of high school i want to be a Radiologist Therapy Technician. I want to help People who need ex rays.

My habits now

The kind of students i am is thoughtful when it comes down to my favorite subjects in school for example law enforcement,culinary,history . When it comes to classes i don't like for example English, Geometry, i tend to get unfocused majority of the time and very careless. I tend to fall asleep most of the time.