O.C. Taylor Elementary School

CLASE DE ESPAÑOL 2nd -5th Grades enero y febrero 2016

2015-2016 School Year:

I am so excited about starting as the new Spanish teacher here at O.C. Taylor! There will be some changes this year! Instead of switching every 9 weeks, Spanish will stay for the entire second half of the year, until June. We will be using Google Classroom. I encourage you to see what your children are doing by having them log in and show you. They will be setting their own goals to decide how they will learn. My goal is to put the tools for learning into their own hands so they continue at home. There will be many activities to choose from and they can add some of their own. I hope you can assist them in their learning. Please explore my website for information or links to websites I use in class. Encourage your child to practice at home using these websites.


For extra credit and some extra Spanish practice, please encourage your children to practice on a great website called Duolingo where they can learn Spanish at their own pace. I will have them sign up in my class with a link to my school account and I can see who is practicing. This will enable your children to learn at their own pace.


If your child is interested, she or he may do a project (you may help them). They are optional but I strongly encourage the children to do one so that they can explore Spain more in depth. They may learn how to cook a Spanish meal with you, learn about bull-fighting, the running of the bulls, Picasso, Flamenco dancing, architecture, culture, etc.


This year we will be studying Spain and learning the vocabulary for family, pets, and our houses. Your child will be doing a digital project where they will describe their family members and pets. Please help your child upload pictures of your family and pets if they choose to include them in their project. I can help instruct both of you on how to do it if you need to contact me. We will also review what we have been learning in the past-body, food, and common expressions. These are some of the things they will be learning in Spanish I when they get to middle school/high school.

In January and February we will:

  • establish routines.
  • practice being positive role-models for others.
  • review words and phrases relating to weather, calendar, numbers, colors and common phrases.
  • begin “Family” unit (nouns, verbs and adjectives related to family).
  • determine where the Spanish language originated.
  • discover who Christopher Columbus was.
  • discuss Queen Isabella’s role.
  • practice drinking water from a “bota.”
  • read Don Quixote together in class


  • Mamá-mom
  • Papá-dad
  • Madre-mother
  • Padre-father
  • Abuelo-grandfather
  • Abuela-grandmother
  • Hijo-son
  • Hija-daughter
  • Hermano-brother
  • Hermana-sister
  • Bebé-baby
  • tio/tia-uncle/aunt
  • primo/prima-cousin
  • Perro-dog
  • Gato-cat
  • Caballo-horse
  • Pez-fish
  • Pájaro-bird

About me:

This will beginning my 4th year in GCISD, and my 4th year back in the United States after living in Greece for almost 16 years. I love teaching languages and have taught Spanish, English as a second language, French, and Greek. I have lived in many countries and traveled to many places. Life is a road of many twists and turns and I am glad it has brought me here!!!


Penn State University BA French Minor in Business

Strasbourg University-French Studies

University of Texas of the Permian Basin-Masters Bilingual Education/ESL (Just graduated 12/2015!)


Spanish, French, Greek (and English, of course!)

Countries I have lived in:

Chile 1985-86

France 1991-92

England 1995

Greece 1996-2012


I am married to a Greek ornamental Blacksmith, Thanasi, and I have six children:Isabella (18), Christoforo (16), Patrikio (14), Apostoli (11), Clavdio (8), and Phoevo (7).