My Friends

School and outside of school

Friends in school and some info.

Hi, I will be telling you about my friends.Anyways I have a lot of friends.Let's start with my friends at school.One of my friends are Andrea.She is very weird,so is my friend Kayla.What makes my community important is that they are always laughing with me and we have fun.

Friends outside of school and more info.

I wil be talking about my friends outside of school and some more information. One of my friends outside of school is Josie.She is really helpful and nice.Another one of my friends outside of school is Paris.Sometimes she can be rude but is nice sometimes.One more of my friends outside of school is Niya.She is Paris sister.She is not as mean as Paris but sometimes she is boring but she is also really fun too.Time for some info others would want to be part of my community because we have a lot of fun.My community is different from other people's community because they might do other things than what we do.And I'm finally done now sooooooooooooo BYE! And the picture below is my friend Paris.BYE!

My friends