Industrial Revolution

Newsletter, by Paige Peacock

Inventions and Child labor in the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was a time when machines took the place of man. There were many new inventions such as, the light bulb and the cotton gin. Child labor was a major problem in the Industrial Revolution. There was one girl named Adeline Card who was a well known victim of child labor. They would work for 12 hours straight with no breaks. In some cases kids worked to earn extra money for there family's. The children did this because they knew it was what they needed to do to help there family's. Inventions were one of the good and bad things that came out of the Industrial Revolution. At first people lost jobs but after a while it made more jobs. It made production of goods faster. Some inventions caused a lot of air pollution. I think that the amount of good and bad things that came from the Industrial Revolution is about even. Though the Industrial Revolution caused a lot of damage there were good things that came out of it to as you can see.

The Assembly Line and Sanitation in the Industrial Revolution

The assembly line made production of products faster. There was barely any sanitation during the Industrial Revolution. The assembly line made people loose a lot of there jobs at first but after a while it made more jobs. Using the assembly line increased the amount of goods that could be made in a certain amount of time. Sanitation was very poor. They might be lucky enough to be able to take a shower once a month. They had know idea that sanitation helps you stay healthy. We have a lot better sanitation now. There have been many improvements to the things that happened during the Industrial Revolution. Without the Industrial Revolution we wouldn't be where we are today.
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