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We have been extremely busy here at Green Hills School with a number of exciting programs for elementary and middle school students, as well as families! Please read below to learn more about our recent programs as well as upcoming events for both students and parents!

My recent classroom lessons have focused on empathy, coping skills, and conflict resolution. I continue to facilitate small groups during lunches on a wide range of topics, from casual conversations to healthy friendships, to impulse control, to managing big emotions. If you think your child would benefit from being a part of one of my small groups, please let me know!

Please remember that I am here to support the students however I can. I am available to meet if a student needs help or just wants to talk! Don't hesitate to reach out if I can support you in any way.

My website is updated with links to resources and information!


Mrs. Stiles


LEAD U Assembly

The students in grades K - 4 were absolutely thrilled with the spectacular assembly brought to us by LEAD U. "LEAD U is a positive group of teaching artists who creatively engage, educate, and empower learners of all ages to find the leaders within themselves." Our students and teachers loved every minute of the assembly, and the Lead U team brought important messages of empathy, conflict resolution, and leadership!
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ABC's of HIB at GHS

We invite parents to join us for a virtual presentation on March 21st at 7:00 regarding new updates to the HIB law. The updated HIB Law and School Policy is important information for parents to have, as is the responsibility of the school to share with our community. Throughout the year there are HIB investigations and much of the conversation between school and home involves education of the HIB Law and our GHS Policy. This meeting is intended to discuss the updates to the law, look at case studies, and walk parents through our process at Green Hills. Whether your child has encountered bullying, been alleged to have bullied, or has been a witness to bullying, the information from this meeting will address the process of investigation and its impact on students.

Please click here to RSVP.

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Community Conversations

We invite all stakeholders to join us for an important conversation at 6:00pm on March 14th in the Green Hills small gym. We would like to hold an open forum for families to discuss their unique experiences at Green Hills School. We ask that you join us as we continue to engage in dialogue designed to foster a greater understanding of the many perspectives that make up our Green Hills community. Please click here to RSVP.
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Multicultural Week

Green Hills School will be having a weeklong celebration of cultures with our first ever Multicultural Week from March 13 - 17th! Members of our Mustang Zone have been busy planning minilessons for our students in grades K - 3. They will visit homerooms to play games, sing songs and teach languages from around the world. Our Maschio's staff is putting together a menu for the week with different flavors from across the globe, and our 4th grade students will be inviting classes to visit their family history presentations.

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Coping Skills for Children and Teens - Parent Presentation

Representatives from the Mental Health Association of Morris and Essex presented a virtual parent program focusing on coping skills for children and teenagers. They offered a comprehensive review of anxiety and depression, how these conditions present in children and teens, how parents can help, what kinds of communication strategies can be helpful for parents, and how emotion-focused and problem-focused skills can be helpful for children in dealing with stress. Thank you so much to all of our parents who attended this important presentation!

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Gizmo's Pawesome Guide to Mental Health

We were very excited to welcome counselors from the Mental Health Association of Morris and Essex, who visited our third and fourth grade students during one class period to help them explore healthy coping skills, identify trusted adults, and learn about the basics of mental health. The presentation allowed students to develop tools and strategies that they can use when they feel overwhelmed with emotions, and encouraged them to think about who they can go to for help.
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Eighth Grade Challenge Day

We were very grateful to be able to bring back the Challenge Day Program for our 8th grade students! This was our 7th year with this exciting and successful all-day program. The goal of the Challenge Day Program is to build community and to help stop the teasing, violence and alienation that is deeply a part of the school experience for millions of young people every day. Challenge Day is a powerful and transformational day that can change the way people view each other forever. It is a day of fun, friendship and new possibilities.
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8th Grade Students Prepare for High School

Our 8th grade students are beginning to plan for their Freshman year of high school! All 8th grade students had the opportunity to visit Newton High School on February 15th, where they heard from students and staff about all of the exciting programs that Newton offers. Counselors from Newton visited Green Hills to meet with 8th grade students and their guardians and work on scheduling freshman classes. We are so proud of our graduating 8th grade students!
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Mustang Zone

We are extremely excited to announce the creation of a new student organization at Green Hills School! The Mustang Zone is a club for students in grades 6 - 8 who want to strengthen the culture and climate at school. Mr. Bollette and I will meet with students to discuss various ways that we can build a school community where everyone is respected and supported. The mission of the Mustang Zone is to provide a welcoming, safe, and inclusive space for all members of the school community. The Mustang Zone will work to understand the value of each others’ differences and to create a strong sense of belonging here at school. Working as a group, students will plan and facilitate school-wide activities designed to foster a culture of acceptance and understanding.

We are currently meeting during extended homeroom time on Tuesday mornings, and may add additional meeting times as the year progresses. All students in grades 6 - 8 are welcome to join! Please reach out to me (Mrs. Stiles) or Mr. Bollette with any questions!

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Mindful Minutes

It likely goes without saying that students might be feeling more stress and anxiety lately. One practice that can help decrease and manage overwhelming feelings when they arise is mindfulness. Mindfulness helps to bring our focus to the present moment to observe our thoughts without judgment. The practice can also help to minimize negative thoughts that can spiral out of control. I have created a playlist of short mindful minute exercises for students to listen to when they feel the need to reset their thoughts or emotions. I will be adding to the playlist (click here) throughout the rest of the year.
I have updated my webpage to include a virtual office where you will be able to find information and helpful resources! It is a work in progress, so be sure to check in regularly for new information! Click on my bitmoji above to take a look around!
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