Aids in Sub Saharan Africa

By: Emma Bodnar

Number of people living with HIV in 2011

Botswana: 300,000 people

Lesotho: 320,000 people

Malawi: 910,000 people

Mozambique: 1,400,000 people

Namibia: 190,000 people

South Africa: 5,600,000 people

Swaziland: 190,000 people

Zambia: 920,000 people

Zimbabwe: 1,200,000 people

Causes of Aids

There are widespread practices of sexual networking that involve multiple overlapping or concurrent sexual partners. Sexual networks are more likely to happen with men than women. In some cultures it is accepted or even encouraged. Along with having multiple sexual partners, unemployment and population displacements resulting from drought and conflict have contributed to the spread of HIV and AIDS. Intimate partner violence, extreme poverty, education, and partner income disparity explained almost all of the differences in HIV status among people aged 15-29.

Facts about HIV and AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa

*As of 2011, HIV has at least 10% of the population in Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe infected.

* In the mid 1980s, HIV and AIDS were pretty much unheard of in Southern Africa. Now it's the worst infected region in the world.

* An estimated 22.9 million people are living with HIV.

* Since the beginning if the epidemic, 14.8 million children have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS.