Mobile Apps in the Classroom

Mobile apps that could be used effectively in education


This flyer outlines 5 different mobile apps for Android that can be used to support and enhance education in a high school physics class. Brief descriptions are given for each app, as well as an example of how they might be implemented in a class.

Physics Formulas

Physics Formulas is a free app for Android. It has a wide range of easily findable formulas used in physics. To search for a formula, you would click on which area of physics the formula is categorized under (electricity, force & motion, etc.), and then select the specific formula (kinetic energy, voltage, etc.). Not only is the formula given, but also a breakdown of what each element in the formula represents, as well as graphs and diagrams that would be useful in understanding the formula.

In a physics class, this app would be useful for students to use for a quick reference.

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Physics Notes 2

Physics Notes 2 is an app that provides comprehensive notes for a wide variety of physics concepts. The notes contain explanations and definitions of key concepts, as well as formulas, graphs, and diagrams.

I would use this app in a physics class as an additional reference that students can access to learn about physics concepts.

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Particle Physics Simulator

Particle Physics Simulator is an application that allows users to simulate interactions between particles by adjusting parameters such as the initial location of the particles, number of particles, mass, as well as a number of other variables. The simulations allow the user to see how a system of particles evolves based on the initial parameters that are set.

In a physics classroom, I could give the students scenarios that they must set up, and then have them describe how it evolves. For example, an exercise I may give is to set up a 2-particle system in which one particle is twice as massive as another, and have the student describe what happens to each particle after they collide in the simulation.

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Physics Constant Table

Physics Constant Table is an app that contains a comprehensive list of various constants used in physics. The constants are listed in alphabetical order.

In a physics classroom, I would allow students to use this app as a quick reference for finding constants.

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Projectile Motion Simulation

Projectile Motion Simulation is an app that allows users to set up the initial parameters of a projectile, and then see how it evolves. A graphical layout allows users to not only see how a projectile moves in a qualitative manner, but also quantitatively.

In a physics class, I may give students an activity where they must make a projectile land at a certain area by changing one variable. For example, I may have them set the height and initial velocity of a projectile, and would ask them to determine what initial angle the projectile must be fired at for it to land a certain distance from it's starting point.

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