Santiago, Chile

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Flag of Santiago

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History of the City

In around the year 800, nomads began to settle around the place that would eventually become Santiago. They began to farm maize, potatoes, and beans in their villages. These villages were eventually taken over by the Incas in the late 15th century. Sent by Francisco Pizarro, conquistador Pedro de Valdivia reached the valley of the Mapocho in 1540. He talked to the Indian chiefs and they reached an agreement and let him found a city on the behalf of Spain. On February 12, 1541, Valdivia officialy founded the city of Santiago.

Important Facts About Santiago

Points of Interest

La Moneda

This is the seat of the President of the republic of Chile. It is also the house of the offices of the three cabinet ministers. The construction started in 1784 and ended in 1805. It became the presidential residence in 1845, and coins were produced there until 1929.