by Richard Ayala

Facts About Madagascar

My dream vacation would be at Madigascar.My destination would be in a hotel next to a beach it would be fun going to a hotel and living right next to a beach.i would like to vist this place because id like to visit there animals in the zoo and go there for the views.On the way i would bring my phone so i can listen to music thene i would bring my book so i can read on the way the other thing i eould bring is my paper and my pencil so i can write and draw thene i would bring some extra stuff that i have to go for class the last thing i would do is bring my computer so i can watch movies on it.


My trip would take about 20 hours the most if you went by road it would take 3 days.The trip is as far as you going to Caliifornia its 20 h0urs on the road.On my trip i would take my parents me,sister,brother,mom,dad we would have lots of fun.On my trip i would get there by plane cause its quiker and relaxing.Me and my family will stay there for 3 weeks so we get the time to visit all around the camposs.


in my trip i would want to stay in a hotel but it has to be a sweet so my family could fit five beds and 3 bathrooms with a kithen to eat and a view of the ocean.My place would have a pool and it would have jakozziez outside and indor my place would have a casino and a bar with a restraunt inside so we can eat.I would need to pack some close like 9 pairs of socks and some new shoes the last thing i would bring is my phone to take picthures of my family having a good time.


My toatal trip would cost 3,000 dollars for me and my family.My hotel would for toatal cost 400 dollars for the room becuse were going to have 4 people and because its a sweet.On my trip i will be spending a toatal of 3,000 dollars for the whole trip.My airplane i would be getting food from the airplane because its cheap and good.My travel would cost 1,000 dollars by foot and 3,000 dolars by air.My air are would cost 40 dollars for it.I wouldnt be needing gas because im going by airplane.


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On my trip ii would be going ziplining.At my location you can go swim sky dive and zp line.This vacation provides masages and it also provides girl stuff.

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