Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

Task 2 By Ben Ikiseh

Definition of an Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a person with different type of characteristics like optimism, creativity, courage, inspiration, determination,quick thinking, good decision making, leadership, organisation and risk taking.

How these characteristics/skills help entrepreneurs.

Characteristics of an entrepreneur.

Optimistic- Optimism keeps the entrepreneur positive and making him believe they can make their idea work even though it doesn't look that way, helping the business progress forward.

Determined- If the entrepreneur is determined this means they will do whatever it takes to make sure their idea comes to life by making sure they attend all meetings and appointments for their idea.

Courageous- Courage means the entrepreneur will be able to stand up for their idea and speak out to many people about it making them believe in the idea as well.

Inspiration- If the entrepreneur is inspired by their idea they will be able to inspire other people to believe in it helping the business progress forward and gain the funds it needs to prosper.

Creative- Creativity helps an entrepreneur keep thinking about new ideas to improve their business and also new products the business to sell this will help the business move forward and gain profits.

Skills of an Entrepreneur

Quick- thinking- if an entrepreneur is quick thinking they will be able to make decisions quickly and help the company get out of trouble swiftly so it wont lose much money,

Good decision making- If an entrepreneur is good at making decisions they will be able to make people count on them to make all the decisions the business makes so their employees will listen to them and back them up on their decisions.

Leadership- If an entrepreneur is a good leader they will be able to direct their employees in the right way so the business will be able to expand and improve also this will mean people in the business will look up to them and follow their instruction.

Organisation skills- If an entrepreneur is good at organisation they will be able to make sure all the payments, meeting and events are well organised to increase the funds of the business. The entrepreneur will also be able to keep an eye at all the funds entering and leaving the business so no money is being stolen.


If an entrepreneur is risk taking they will be able to make decisions and not look back on what decision they made this is good because the business will be able to go in many new directions and expand increasing revenue so the entrepreneur makes more money.