Rock Cycle Poster

A poster about the 3 types of rocks

Diagram about rocks

A brief diagram of the 3 types of rocks of what they are, how they are made and examples of them...
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The rock cycle

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About the rock cycle

The idea is for the types of rocks are always changing from one type of rock to another and then back again, from weathering, cooling, eroding or compacting when it is on the surface. From heat, pressure and melting when it is beneath the earth, and the process does it again and again. No new rock are formed/destroyed but just changing all the time.

The rock cycle helps us to see that the earth is like a giant rock recycling machine! [1]


The idea of the rock cycle was made by James Hutton (1726-1797). He was named the Founder of modern geology.

(<<<Right, portrait of James Hutton)

How to identify rock types and examples

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What happens to single rock over millions of years?

Over millions of year the rock will slowly change into another type of rock or it can even take hundreds of years. Then the changed rock will change again and turn into another slowly.

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