By Albert Fischer

national anthem

lyrics talk about freedom fighting
Cuba National anthem


the area of Cuba is approximately 42,803 square miles
Coches de Cuba! Classic American Cars in Cuba! - Epic Drives Episode 16


Havana, Cuba


mountains in the south east

flat and rolling everywhere else

Parkour & Freerunning / Cuba(Varadero)


island tropical
Hot Cities 16 - Havana Cuba 4 - Surviving the Storm - BBC Environmental Documentary


11.2 million
Cuban Urban Agriculture

ethnic groups

mestizo Caucasian African Chinese Spanish
Calamar Tierra De Arena - Sexteto Tabalá


Lucy tries to speak Spanish

major industry

sugar and food processing, oil refining, cement, electric power,light consumer and industrial products, pharmaceutical and biotech products
Mixing Cement and Concrete with a Cement Mixer


sugar, citrus and fruits , tobacc0, coffee, rice, beans, meats, veggies
Cuban Agriculture


convertible peso
Cuba 1950's Series Banknotes ART Collectibles

major religions

catholic and other tribal religions
1 08 Cuba; Religious dance

2 historical facts

Christopher Columbus rediscovered Cuba

Fidel Castro passed the dictatorship to his brother Raul

Fidel Castro | PBS America

type of government

communist dictatorship
Fidel Castro sings Ice Ice Baby

famous actor from Cuba

Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro - The Untold Story (2001) [Documentary]

famous singer from cuba

tito gomez
Fue tan facil - tito gomez

famous athlete from cuba

Fidel Castro
HD Stock Footage Rally Hails Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro 1959


Fidel Castro
What Is Revolution


red white and blue

came after Cuban revolution

comes from the liberation of cuba

Cuban Flag

el cocodrilo

Cuba is called el cocodrilo because it looks like a crocodile
Cuban Crocodile (Crocodylus rhombifer)

Ernst Hemmingway books

the old man and the sea is set in cuba
The Old Man and the Sea Part 7

distance from flo rida

106 miles
Diana Nyad abandons swim from Cuba to Florida

1. Guantanamo

has a lovely little prison

2. trinidad

historic buildings and a peachy landscape

famous artist

mario bencomo