Peggy Shippen 1760-1804

By: Ben Pape

Early Life

Her real name is Margaret Shippen and she was born on July 11, 1760 in Philadelphia. She was born into a wealthy family with her father being a lawyer and judge while her mother was the daughter of a lawyer but didn't have a job. Peggy had 3 older sisters and 1 older brother. She did have 2 younger brothers but they died during early childhood, making Peggy the youngest in the family.

Adult Life

In the revolutionary war the Shippen family tried to remain neutral. Her father said it would be safer. When the British took control of Philadelphia in 1777, Peggy met John Andre a well educated British officer. Peggy met another man Benedict Arnold with 3 children, and they got married on April 8, 1779. He was 38 and she was 18. It was somewhat controversial. Benedict was a fiery impatient man who was accused of illegal business dealings.


She died of cancer on August 24, 1804 at age 44. She and Benedict betrayed the Colonists and showed the British their military strategy.
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