Albrecht Durer

"Leonardo of the North"


Albrecht Durer lived in Nuremberg, Germany until 1494. In 1494 he moved to Venice, Italy leaving behind his wife. He learned to paint, wood carve, and engrave while as an apprentice to Michael Wolgemut. In July 9, 1494 he got married to Agnes Frey. While returning home from a journey, he was caught with an undetermined illness that stayed his whole life. He managed to finish two books with one about geometry and other on perspective. Durer was a renaissance artist because he had many artistic skills. He was master at wood carving, painting, and engraving and knew how to write


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Famous Works

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Self Portrait

This is a self portrait of Albrecht Durer at the age of 26. This shows that he was talented at painting
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Adoration of the Magi

This painting was made when he first turned to painting on a journey to Italy. There was a series of works and some about the Apocalypse.
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This book was written in his old age. This showed the German artists the geometrical side to the perspective used on paintings.