H. H. Holmes

Stephen Koss

Biographical Info

  • Born in Gilmanton, New Hampshire in 1861 on May 14


  • Went to the University of Michigan
  • He worked in a pharmacy

Details of crime

  • The murders happened in his house, they were gassed and cut up. He built a house with 100 rooms and soundproof rooms. He was a smooth talker to women and was quick to marry He stripped some corpses of flesh and sold the skeletons to a Medical School.


  • He had plenty of victims most of them were women. He killed anywhere from 27 to 100 people in his house. Holmes down fall came when he crossed a criminal who was in another insurance racket with him. In the process he murdered an assistant, Ben Pitezel.


They had evidence from his house and the body's they found. He confessed to 27 murders

Outcome of case

  • He was sentenced to death by execution
  • He was executed on May 7, 1896

Significant Events

  • Jun 8 - 1st Civil Rights Act passed


  • This person is no longer alive he were executed