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What are the Basics of Malabsorption No one will Tell You

Do you have difficulty in absorbing the food nutrients and fluid? Does your flat belly bloated after consuming any type of sugars? If your digestive tract is unable to absorb any type of food nutrients, including sugars and other carbohydrates, then it is the clear sign of malabsorption.

What is Malabsorption?

Malabsorption is a syndrome which occurs when the small intestine is not capable of absorbing the sugar, protein, vitamins, or other food nutrients due to the unhealthy gut microbiomes. This malabsorption causes several gastrointestinal disorders, such as bloating, gas, abdominal pain, flatulence, etc. The sensitivity to a specific type of nutrient causes a specific type of malabsorption. However, there is no big difference in the symptoms of every type of intolerance.

How Human Body gets Malabsorbed?

In a healthy body, the small bowel absorbs all the food nutrients and fluids with the help of pre-existing bacteria. When the small intestine stops absorbing certain kind of food such as sugar, this unabsorbed food passes to the large intestine, where unabsorbed food gets fermented and then malabsorbed that causes symptoms of gut functional disorder.

Some Unknown Reasons of Malabsorption you are unaware of:

The reasons of these malabsorptions are several. It could be due to the lack of enzymes in the body which helps the food in absorption or it could be due to some intestine injury. If you consume antibiotics frequently or have celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, or chronic pancreatitis, then it can also cause the malabsorption.

What are the symptoms?

When any type of food nutrient is malabsorbed, then it causes several symptoms of gastrointestinal disorder.

  1. If your body is not capable in absorbing certain types of sugar, such as fructose, lactose, or sorbitol, then you can suffer from diarrhea, bloating, abdominal cramp, and flatulence.
  2. Inability to absorb vitamins causes anemia, low blood pressure, or malnutrition.
  3. If the small bowel doesn’t absorb protein, then you may experience fluid retention or hair loss.
  4. Inability to fat absorption leads to foul-smelling stools which are difficult to flush and float in the toilet bowl.

Three Types of Tests to Diagnose the Malabsorption:

If the patient is experiencing gastrointestinal disorders despite a healthy diet, then most doctors suggest for diagnosing the problem through specific laboratory tests. These tests help in the diagnosis of the malabsorption for offering the right treatment. Below are listed a few types of laboratory test:

Stool Test: In this test, the stool sample is collected to measure the fat. Therefore, this test is good for diagnosing intestinal disorders related to fat digestion.

Blood Test: This laboratory test is an effective method to diagnose the malabsorption related to vitamins, iron, protein, etc. In this test, the level of specific nutrients and vitamins has been measured through a blood sample. However, the test result cannot ensure you for the intolerance. Sometimes, your blood it is just lack of vitamins or other nutrients in your blood, due to unhealthy diet. In this case, you need to consult with a dietitian to change your diet.

Breath Test: This is the most popular method of testing malabsorption due to its non-invasive method. This test is generally known as Hydrogen breath test and is used to diagnose carbohydrate malabsorption. In this test, the amount of hydrogen is measured in your breath for the diagnosis.

For instance, if you want to diagnose the sugar malabsorption, then you will have to ingest a small amount of sugar, such as fructose, lactulose, or lactose first. After that, you will have to blow the test kit balloon with your breath for further examination. The whole process is repeated in every 15-30 minutes to interpret the result.

If you have the malabsorption, then it is good to consult with a medical professional for the treatment and consult with a dietician to plan for the diet.

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