The band

four kids like to play music but Jake also likes basketball

The Band

There were two kids there names were Jake and max Jake likes to play the drums and max likes to play the guitar and they also invited two other friends tico and Matt tico likes to play the bass and Matt likes to play the keyboards. When they were looking for a band name Jake thought of octopus and he said because we are going everywhere so why not.

octopus the band

When they were about to go to a high school gig Dee brown came to see what was going on and asked them what they were doing and they said that they were going to go play at the high school and she asked if she and her dad can come with and he said yes because everyone should know Mr.Brown.

the gig

Next Saturday the were at the high school and ready to play while they where playing half way they Mr.brown came with his kid Dee. Then they listened the rest of the way and at the end the he asked them if they were doing anything two weeks from today and they said no.

J.C. Underground

When max, a new kid witch max never knew, tico, Matt all went there and set their stuff up and started playing but max messed up quit a bit and then somehow Jake appeared out of nowhere and looked at him with a mean face and started clapping the beat to his guitar and max got the beat back,

the end

Max went over to Jake and told him and told him all about the J.C. Underground and told him how it was like and Jake told him that he thought it must of been fun and said that he might not make i t to the nba and max thought that I guess that he might not make it to be a star and they went to playing in the garage again