Can ISIS Be Stopped?

James Costilla


Isis is an radical terroristic group that world leaders all want destroyed. Isis has thrown a series of attacks on multiple countries, killing many in the name of the beginning of an holy war. Doing many atrocities with and showing the world using executions, beheadings, and much more dreadful acts it is agreed that we must destroy Isis, although it'll take more than airstrikes and armies to destroy them. We must destroy the financially, cut them off completely and eradicate every bit of Isis.

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4 Facts

  • "After the attacks in France, ISIS issued a warning: The events were merely the “first of [a coming] storm.”"
  • "Over two weeks this fall, the terrorist group killed nearly 400 people in attacks in three different countries"
  • "Since august 2014 the U.S. and its allies have conducted more than 8,000 airstrikes on ISIS targets."
  • U.S. led airstrikes have already allowed other rebel groups in Syria and the Iraqi army to reclaim some ground they’d lost to ISIS. and successfully targeted the largest source of ISIS’s funding by bombing trucks carrying oil in Syria."
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Real world

Isis isn't a fairy tale beast that'll be slain by an imaginary knight in shining armor. They are an actual problem of course, putting all of us on risk. Our lives are in danger, for we aren't worthy to them and they believe they must rid of us. They constantly plan ways to ravage our country, to have a war. We are in the process of fighting ISIS to stop their terrorism, before than can end us.