Describing The Universe

In Terms Of Time, Distance, And Organization

What Is Astronomy?

The scientific study of the universe. Astronomy is of great value to astronomers, sailors, and everyday people. The stars can be used to navigate through the sea by sailors. Everyday people can also examine the stars to predict the wheater.


1.) Identify the visible and non visible parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

2.)Compare refracting telescopes and reflecting telescopes.

3.)Explain how telescopes for non visible electromagnetic radiation differ from light telescopes.


Describing electromagnetic spectrum

Electromagnetic spectrum is the range of electromagnetic radiation frequencies.There is visible electromagnetic radiation and there is also invisible electromagnetic radiation. There is little visible electromagnetic radiation to the human eye; and there's a greater amount of invisible electromagnetic radiation.

Comparing Refracting and Reflecting telescopes

A reflecting telescope is uses mirrors to gather and focus light from far away objects. The largest reflecting telescopes are located in hawaii, these telescopes are called Keck telescopes. Once the enters the telescope, a large curved telescope reflects the light into a secondary mirror. A refracting telescope uses lenses to gather and focus light from distnat objects. This type of telescope uses clear lenses to bend light. This telescope was developed with a problem; the lens focuses in different colors of light at different distances.

Light telescopes

The gathering of light into an obtical telescope.

Space telescopes

Space telescopes are better than land telescopes because from space the Earth's atmosphere won't block out the electromagnetic radiation.