Sphier Emergency Room


Our Emergency Room is the Best in Katy!

Based on our success in the past year it is safe to say we are the best emergency room in Katy based on customer satisfaction, profit etc. Our head of marketing and his faculty have been working constantly to make our emergency room better than others.

Huge Announcement!

With our numbers being better than expected and having a surplus of money, the Head of Directors and I have decided to make Sphier better than ever! In the coming year we will be introducing new technology for our doctors! Including, infection detecting technologies, hybrid operating rooms, and a new, efficient, EHR system.

Our Annual Fundraiser!

Every year we gather a group of Sphier doctors to attend our annual fundraiser. This year we will be selling cookie dough to raise money to help cancer centers find the cure for cancer. We encourage all Sphier staff to attend and we would love to see you come.

Service in the Community!

At Sphier we have weekly events we participate in around the community. Like blood drives, medical trucks, etc. Medical trucks consist of a group of certified doctors in a automobile larger than a ambulance. We go around to places where the people cannot afford medical help. We aid them and their families with infections, cuts etc.
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We Cover You!

At Sphier we love our employees, we want to keep them and their families safe, that is why we will be securing all Sphier employees with dental and medical insurance. After all, its you guys who help the community of Katy!

Thank You!

Looking back on the 2014/2015 year, we keep seeing our staff being more determined and more flexible throughout the year. Additionally, we have won top award for patient satisfaction. We are seeing growth in our staff and we hope you guys can keep doing what you are doing. Thank you!

Our Amazing Staff!

Just last week a guy came into the emergency room with pain in his chest , so our staff laid him down on the bed and the guy had died right then and there. With our staff of doctors and nurses acted as fast as light and shocked him and brought him back to life .We would just like to take the time to thank all of our nurses and doctors for that amazing procedure .

Our Success this Year!

Our success in the stock market this year has been great! More and more people have been buying and selling their shares in the company. We are so grateful that we will be giving everyone shares in the company! After all, its the employees that get everything done so thank you!

Sphier Emergency Room

We would just like to take the time to thank our amazing staff of nurses and doctors for always being available 24/7 for emergencies