Owl Team

September 26th to September 30th

Parent-Teacher Conference Requests!

Dear 5th Grade Dual Language parents and students,

If you have any concerns regarding your child's grades, please contact us to schedule a conference.

Available times for the Owl Team:

M,T,W, F 9:30-10: a.m.

Remember that you can check your child's grades anytime through HAC!



The Home Access Center (HAC) allows guardians to access their children's grades, attendance, and other important information.

HAC login and passwords are available online for new users who have an email on record with the school district.
If you have an existing account, your login and password will remain the same.

To access the HAC login page or to set up a new HAC account https://hac.csisd.org/homeaccess

If you have any problems logging call 979-764-5476 or to request your login information click here

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Events Coming Up/Important Information

Link to Oakwood's calendar of events: http://ow.csisd.org/

Remember to review the Student Handbook!


Field Trip

Please read, fill out and send back the field trip flyer sent home on Thursday September 15th:

Thanks for your kind donations in advance!

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6th week

Monday: Complete Test and or Retest if under 70 and do test corrections

Tuesday: Multiplication of whole numbers with decimal numbers

Wednesday: Multiplication of whole numbers with decimal numbers using money and in word problems

Thursday: Multiplication of decimal numbers with decimal numbers

Friday: Multiplication of decimal numbers with decimal numbers using models


We will have homework everyday Monday to Thursday. All homework can be turned in daily and all homework is due each Friday. Homework will be graded on Sunday and returned to student on Monday. We have no Tuesday folder. All work and tests will be returned and it will be your child's responsibility to take home. Most will drop it in recycle bin.

Language Arts. Lenguaje y Artes.

6th Week / 6a Semana

-======= "English Language Week" =======-

Realistic Fiction

Monday / Lunes: Explore Realistic fiction and the elements.


Tuesday / Martes: What traits do we notice in our characters?

Wednesday / Miercoles: What can we infer about our characters?


Thursday / Jueves: How do characters change throughout a story?

-======= HOMEWORK DUE!!!! =======-

Friday / Viernes: Catch up on a work from this week. Library visit.

Homework / Tarea

Read library book / Leer el libro de la Biblioteca.

Write about your Library book in the interactive Journal /

Escribir acerca del libro de la Biblioteca en el diario interactivo.


6th week

Properties, states and changes of matter, mixtures and solutions, freezing/boiling points of water, scientific method, lab safety and lab tools

Monday: Vocabulary review of this week's 4 words!

Homework assigned, Copy science agenda,

Tuesday: 5.5 A,B, C, D Stations (Complete 7 for last week)

Wednesday: Plickers review, BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE!

Thursday: 5.5 A,B, C, D Review BINGO and Kahoot, BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE!


Friday: Re-test

Bring your own device!


Vocabulary cards 100%

4 words this week





To view this week's list go to:


Daily Vocabulary Checks -NO CHECKS THIS WEEK!

Journal: Stations notes-100%

Turn in Friday with week's notes (students have 30 minutes every morning to fix, complete, and ask questions about their journal notes)

Each week students work on science stations (12) and they are responsible to complete work each week towards a goal to complete the total 12 stations by the end of the 2nd six weeks.

Last week all students were responsible to complete at least 7 stations. The weekly total was calculated by adding all stations grades and dividing them by 6.

This week, our goal is to complete the 7 stations from last week, since Mrs. Forsyth was out.

*Please review your child's stations grades and encourage him/her to use time effectively and work towards our weekly goal.

Social Studies

6th Week

Monday: Chapter 1,2,3 Review/ Vocabulary, Study Sheets.

Tuesday: Vocabulary Oral and group reading note taking Chapter 3 Settlements.

Wednesday: Chapter 1,2,3 Review and study sheets.

Thursday: Chapters 1,2,3 review and study sheets.

Friday: Test

PARENTS: I am breaking down the test questions since there are 40 for each chapter. It is too much. The district is working on setting up the accounts so the kids can use the book at home but it is not up yet.

The students have questions copied from school to study for the test. Please email me or call me at 210 378 3385. I am always here to help you.

Homework- Enjoy your weekend.

Owls Give Back

Owl students will be working on service projects throughout the year!

To become a volunteer or if you have service project ideas please share them with us!



T-W 7:45 am-8:15 am

by invitation only


Tuesday-Friday during Success by Mr. Velez

by invitation only


Tuesday-Friday during Success by Mr. Cavazos

Reading buddies

by invitation only

Social Studies


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NOTE: This camp is run by Mrs. Forsyth but it is not part of CSISD!

Please note that all events/activities are subject to change. This newsletter may be updated at any point within the week.